Conservatorium Board


The Conservatorium is largely funded by the Department of Education, and is overseen by a Board of Management, made up of parents and community members. Board positions include three executive positions (chair, secretary and treasurer), general Board members and a youth representative. The Board meets about every second month, or more often if required.  Board members are encouraged to join a sub-committee, which would also have regular meetings.  The sub-committees include Governance, Events and Finance. Every member of the Gunnedah Conservatorium is invited to submit their expression of interest for Board membership or to join the events committee. You don’t need to become a Board member to join the events committee. Please contact the Chair or Director for enquiries. Contact details are below.   


The Board is elected at the AGM each year, usually held about September.  


Our Board Members


David Walker (Chairman)

Lyn Pengilly (Deputy Chair)



Mary Richard  (Secretary)

Mary has been secretary of the Board since August 2014 and is pleased to be able, in some small way help this organisation that encourages both young and old to discover the delights of music, either as a performer or as an audience.

“I was lucky enough to have encouraging parents who ensured myself, 2 brothers and 2 sisters would play the piano, at least. With a grandfather who played piano in a dance band, and a father with a lovely tenor voice, there were lots of singsongs around the piano. Later, I joined the High School choir, singing in concerts, operettas, in massed choirs and in small unaccompanied groups - a wonderful experience. Being in Sydney in my teens and early 20s meant going to orchestral concerts, jazz cafes and pop concerts.

When we moved to Gunnedah in the early 1990s with a young family, my twin boys joined the Shire band; later my daughter and myself were involved in the percussion section for a couple of years. My daughter studied piano through her high school years , doing music for the HSC.

When my children were in High School, and I was teaching at St Mary’s College, I joined forces with Marie Spinks from Gunnedah High and we co-produced 10 musicals together from 1994  onwards. It was a wonderful team effort for us teachers and such a fabulous experience working with teenagers and seeing them blossom. Jamie Brown was one such student!

My experiences in music have led me to gain greater joy from listening to music of all sorts. Hopefully through your involvement with the Conservatorium, you too will have a richer appreciation of music.”


Julie Glover (Treasurer)

Julie is qualified in agricultural economics,  and holds the board position of treasurer. She came from Moree 20 years ago, where she had worked as an agronomist and in administration. She and her husband run a small farm not far from Gunnedah,  with a Poll Hereford stud,  and over many years Julie has been involved in community groups including preschool management committees, P&C, farming organisations and junior sporting groups.  For years Julie was a director of her family software business, and was a telephone computer support person in her spare time.

She says “Our community is very lucky to have a high standard of activities for children and adults alike.  The Conservatorium offers such a variety of musical opportunities, particularly for children! There comes a time when you should give back to your community, and with this in mind I was happy to offer to serve on the Board of the Conservatorium.

I am enjoying the challenges presented by this position, meeting the staff and students,  and I look forward to watching the Conservatorium expand.”


Karie Dear

My name is Karie Dear and I have lived in Gunnedah with my husband and two children for just
over 7 years . We have been involved with the conservatorium with both children since moving here, I joined the board in 2015 as I feel that all children deserve to have music in their lives, and we have the responsibility to ensure that it is obtainable. Having worked in the childcare industry for over 20 years I am fully aware of the impact music has on a child’s development and their education,

I look forward to working alongside the staff and board members of the
Gunnedah Conservatorium to acheive this goal.











Robyn Fairall

My family have lived in the area for nearly 20 years.  My daughter Rose plays violin and attends lessons at the Conservatorium. I joined the board in 2016, and I hope to be able to contribute to help the rest of the team promote

 and advance our Conservatorium.











Sara Dear (Student Representative)

My name is Sara Dear and I have been involved with the conservatorium on and off for the past 7 years. I am currently in year 10 at St Marys College and am the student representative on the board. I have been fortunate enough to receive a vocal scholarship in both 2015 and 2016.
I wish to bring the students' perspective to the board, allowing all current and future students to have a voice at the conservatorium.