2017 Scholarship Winners!

From right: Karie Dear (board member), Sara Dear (board member), Julie Glover (board member), Robyn Fairall (board member), Adam Farquhar (piano), Pennie Broekman (piano), Charlotte McDonald (violin), Elsie McClenaghan (guitar), Olivia Osland (all rounder), Carter Cameron (vocals), Margaret Kersley (board member) and David Walker (chair). Absent: Lucy Robertson (vocals), Sussanah Bell (vocals), Patrick Grant (guitar) and Fiona Hogeveen (2016 woodwind recipient)


Each year the Gunnedah Conservatorium allows students the opportunity to further their music studies through our scholarship program. 

Auditions for the scholarship run each year in Term 4 and are designed to allow dedicated students the opportunity to subsidise the cost of their music lessons for the following year. In 2017, seven students were awarded the scholarship.

In addition to receiving the support of the scholarship, recipients are given the opportunity to participate in workshops and performances throughout the year.

Congratulations to all our winners:

Vocals: Lucy Robertson

           Sussanah Bell

           Carter Cameron

Piano:  Adam Farquhar

           Penny Broekman

Guitar: Elsie McClenaghan

           Patrick Grant

Violin: Charlotte McDonald

All Rounder: Olivia Osland

Woodwind: Fiona Hogeveen (2016 recipient)